Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Response

In response to my own question in my previous post, it's by divine appointment that I scroll down, and saw the short story I wrote for my assignment, last July.

The title is...LIFE. (click to be directed to the story =D)
My question was What is life? Why?

I don't believe in coincidence.
It's a struggle to actually take in and digest, it's so abstract.
After all, I am human.

The phrase that caught my eye was TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH, ... ...
It was the nearly exact thing I posted on my tumblr today, for this day of a leap year.
I searched the tags, and reblogged a picture post.
My captions were "Leap! Needa take a leap!of Faith"

in this story, I discussed the very things I still ponder upon this day.
What is life? What is that so much more than these?

It's a "short story" about two friends who recounts their life on earth. Their opinions and heart cry of life and their search of identity.

It's a little too much like a sermon. I couldn't think of any other short story to write. When I hand it in, it was said that the short story was too detailed and sermon-like.
It's like I'm a hypocrite. I've forgotten what I've written.

p.s. you know what, firefox is still the BEST browser when it comes to blogger.
I have to publish this before 29th of February. It's less than 10 minutes away here till it's March.

How time flies. How unprepared I am.

Till then.

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